Moving Is Your Nature

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 Jenni Someillan DPT, PT, CAS, CYI

Jenni has dedicated  17 years towards helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness through physical therapy. Passionate about learning, she has participated in highly regarded mentoring programs associated with UCSF. Jenni completed a year long Australian based manual residency program and has recently received her post graduate doctorate of physical therapy.  With master level foot and ankle rehabilitation training, she considers herself a “movement analyst” and is exceptionally skilled at recognizing movement dysfunctions through gait analysis. Jenni designs personalized treatment plans to help restore balance in the body by use of manual techniques and exercises to release restrictions and facilitate optimal neuromuscular control . She has helped many people return to pain free, active lifestyles. Currently,  Jenni is working on advanced trainings to treat scoliosis.

 Jenni is also a certified Yoga instructor and graduated from the Ayurvedic Institue in New Mexico in 2010.

When Jenni is not working or studying she loves to spend time with her family and friends hiking/biking/swimming in nature, traveling to other countries or dancing.


Doctorate of Physical Therapy 

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy 

Certified Ayurvedic Specialist and Yoga Instructor (Graduate of The Ayurvedic Institute)

What clients are saying

Jenni is a gem in the pool of physical therapists. She has a knack for watching you walk and picking out that part of your body that just isn't moving right. I was having excruciating pain in my back that would keep me from sleeping.  Apparently, parts of my spine were stiff,  so Jenni put her magic hands on me and I was back to sleep and back to life without pain after 2 visits.

Emily, San Rafael

What clients are saying

As a runner, climber and yoga practitioner, I thought I had a good understanding of my body and that my muscles were well-balanced. After two different injuries (knees and clavicle) -and thanks to Jenni's assessment - I started to understand that I had many weak muscles on one hand, and overused muscles on the other hand. Jenni has really helped me, through specific exercises and muscle manipulations, to rebalance all that.

Peter, San Francisco

What clients are saying

Jenni is an intuitive healer. She is a great listener who asks insightful questions and offers clear, simple guidance. I've called on her multiple times, and every time her suggestions have provided relief and helped me build strength. I would recommend her to anyone looking for healing and a better understanding of the body.

Molly, Oakland